Zpace is the name of a knowledge portal for children (8-12) that I designed for an exam in the subject ┬źNarrative Design in digital media┬╗ autumn 2016 at Kristiania University College. Zpace is a website about space that children can use for learning in their spare time or at school. The website is responsive and can be used on all devices. In Zpace you drive a spaceship and discover what exists in the solar system. Along the way you visit planets and learn about them. You can collect points by answering correctly on the quizzes you take after you read information about each planet. The journey ends when the spaceship reaches the sun and melts. In the game you can save your score and compare it to others in the class. A purple alien follows you around the website and help you if needed. All illustrations are made by me. Few selected parts of the website are shown below.

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